Juvederm: Before & After Highlights

Juvaderm Before and After

As we age, our skin’s natural volume begins to diminish leaving us with lines and wrinkles; some may even call them folds. These lines are usually present on the lower face from the nose to the jawline. The lines around the mouth are called nasolabial folds or laugh lines. The lines from the corners of the mouth to the chin are known as marionette lines. Some people also have the lines above the lip, these were once called “smoker’s lines”, but now they are “water bottle lines”.

All of these areas can be corrected with Juvederm, it does an amazing job leaving you with a natural, smooth, and youthful look. If you have facial lines you would like to smooth away or lips you would like to plump, Juvederm, cosmetic filler might be perfect for you and your goals. Learn more below about how the procedure works, as well as some Juvederm before and after highlights.

How Juvederm Works

Before Juvederm XC Treatment

Before Juvederm XC Treatment

Juvederm XC is an FDA approved facial filler that restores the skin’s natural, youthful appearance. Since Juvederm is made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps to add volume and hydration. Juvederm is able to maintain its shape using the body’s natural moisture, creating lasting results and there is no chance of an adverse reaction to the product because hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring in our bodies already. Juvederm is used for the lower face: naso-labial folds or the parenthesis around the mouth, the marionette lines (corners of the mouth down to your chin), and helps to augment the lips.

Before you are injected a topical numbing cream is placed in the skin. Not only is the surface of your skin numb, but the Juvederm itself also has lidocaine in it, making treatment completely comfortable. Injecting Juvederm takes anywhere between15-30 minutes, and you will notice results immediately. We have had patients refer to their fillers as the “painless liquid facelift!”

After Juvederm

After Juvederm XC Treatment

After Juvederm XC Treatment

Results are seen immediately, but you may have swelling in the area that was injected. Lips in particular can stay swollen for several days or even a week. Also, anytime you stick a needle in the skin there is the possibility of bruising. It is recommended that you stop taking fish oils, aspirins, motrin/ibuprofen 3-5 days before your injections to help reduce bleeding and bruising. You are able to apply make-up immediately following your injection. Results last for six months or more! You can visit our Juvederm XC page to see before and after photos of our actual patients to get a preview of what Juvederm XC fillers could do for your fine lines and wrinkles. As always, visit WIFH for a free consultation to find out if Juvederm is the right option for your skincare needs.

Other Options: Volbella and Voluma

As alternatives to Juvederm, the options you might consider are Volbella and Voluma. Like we mentioned above, Juvederm XC can be used to treat peri-oral lines caused from smoking or drinking out of a straw, but a new product called Volbella is now available at WIFH and specially designed for the more superficial lines, including those lines above the lip. Volbella is also hyluranoic acid based, designed to soften the appearance of lines around the mouth and can also be used to augment the lips. Volbella will not give as much volume as Juvederm, but will provide plumpness and a hydrated look to the lip area.

Voluma is another hyaluronic acid filler made by Allergan, the makers of Juvederm XC and Botox. Voluma works especially well to restore volume in the mid-face region, which includes the cheeks and cheekbones to reduce signs of aging. Voluma’s effects are seen immediately and last about two years. The treatment especially adds more definition to the cheekbones! Facial fillers are not one size fits all, so schedule a consultation to see which one or combination is right for you.


Lindsay Spires

Our price for 1-syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus XC is $420 (that is the 1ml syringe). Please let me know if you have questions, I am happy to help in any way I can. 678-420-6279.

Ashley Maxwell

the fact that you can see instant results after you use Juvederm is so amazing and surprising to me! I like how you said that swelling soon decreases after. My sister is looking into Juvederm to get a facelift and look younger again.

Amy Winters

Thanks for pointing out that results from Juvederm will last at least 6 months. I’ve been getting more self-conscious about my wrinkles lately, so I’ve been considering some kind of skin treatment to help get my confidence back. However, I know that some skin treatments only last for a few weeks. I don’t think I could spare the time to go into a clinic every few weeks, so I’m glad to hear that there’s a more long-term option out there!


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