How to Prepare for Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

How to Prepare for Laser Tattoo Removal Atlanta

If you are looking to get rid of your tattoo using laser tattoo removal technology, you might be wondering how to prepare for your treatment. Keep in mind your tattoo must be at least six weeks old before it is able to be treated, so if you have early regret you’ll have to live with it a little bit longer. Also understand that tattoo removal is a multi-treatment process. Most tattoos need at least ten treatments, and more if the tattoo includes color, which is difficult to treat and may not ever be fully removed.

Otherwise, not much prep work is necessary before beginning laser tattoo removal. However, you should be prepared for some discomfort, laser tattoo removal is certainly not painless. A numbing cream can be prescribed to help make treatment more comfortable for you. What you really need to know is what to expect after your laser tattoo removal treatment. Here are some things you will need to avoid following your tattoo removal treatment:

Sun & Water Exposure

You might want to avoid planning any sunny vacations, outdoor time, or water excursions immediately following your treatment. If your tattoo has color in it, we ask you to stay out of the sun during the course of your laser tattoo removal treatments.

Meanwhile, no matter what kind of tattoo you have, you will need to refrain from getting in a pool, hot tub, lake, or ocean for several days after treatment. If you are having a tattoo treated on your lower leg, ankle or foot you will need to avoid having a pedicure for several days as well. The reason for this it to lessen the risk of infection entering into any breaks in the skin.


If you like to exercise, plan on getting in a good sweat session before you come in for your tattoo removal session, since exercising afterwards can increase your changes of bleeding and blistering. You are able to exercise the next day, just not on the day of your laser tattoo removal treatment.

Make-up and Lotions

We ask that you not wear make-up, lotions (especially shimmer lotions), or self-tanners, as they can increase your risk of blistering or even cause you to suffer a burn to the treated area.


If you are having a tattoo treated on the foot or ankle, we ask you to refrain from getting a pedicure for several days after the procedure, again to lessen the risk of infection. You just need to wait until the skin has healed before having a pedicure.

Knowing what to expect always makes a procedure seem less mysterious and scary. Though you will need to be careful to take great care of your treated area, you are always in safe and expert hands at WIFH. We welcome anyone who is considering laser tattoo removal to come in for a free consultation to find out specific details related to your unique tattoo and what to expect from the removal process.

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