How Many PhotoFacial Treatments Are Needed for Best Results?

How Many PhotoFacial Treatments Are Needed for Best Results

IPL, which stands for “intense pulsed light”, it is also sometimes referred to as a “PhotoFacial”. Whatever you choose to call it: IPL or PhotoFacial, this skin procedure can be used to treat a variety of different skin concerns: pigmentation/discoloration, sun damage, vessels (broken capillaries), redness, rosacea, and uneven skin tone and texture.  The number of IPL/PhotoFacial treatments you need varies based on what you are looking to treat, but typically patients will need 3 to 6 IPL/PhotoFacial treatments to see the best possible results.

IPL works by utilizing multiple wavelengths of light with specialized filters to deliver the right amount of energy to treat certain skin conditions. With dark spots and pigmentation, for example, the melanin in the skin absorbs the light delivered by the device which damages the tissue. These pigmented areas darken and over the course of several days they will flake off. IPL PhotoFacials will leave your skin firmer, tighter, brighter, and more even in tone and texture. With all these amazing benefits, many patients want to know how many IPL PhotoFacial treatments are necessary for optimal results.

Number of Treatments Based on Skin Condition

The number of IPL PhotoFacial treatments you will need depends on the skin issue you want to tackle.

IPL Treatments for Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition that plagues many people. Rosacea causes the skin on the face to constantly appear flushed or red. Some people who suffer from rosacea also experience acne-like pustules that are not only unattractive but can also be painful. Broken capillaries or blood vessels are also common in patients with rosacea. IPL does a great job at eliminating the redness along with the vessels.

When treating rosacea with IPL, patients will typically need a series of 6 IPL treatments for the best results. You will also need to plan on having 1-2 treatments each year after completing your initial package to maintain your results.

IPL Treatments for Pigmentation, Sun Damage, Vessels, and Uneven Texture

Pigmentation/discoloration, sun damage, vessels, and uneven texture are common concerns for almost anyone these days. When treating these skin concerns a series of 3 IPL treatments are recommended for best results, with one treatment per year after that to maintain your great results.

Maintaining the Results of Your IPL Treatments

I know we mentioned this already, but it’s worth repeating; keep in mind that once you have completed your series of IPL Photofacials you should have treatments once or twice a year to maintain results. No matter what skin treatment you’re getting, you should also always make sure you are using high quality skin products to supplement your IPL treatments.

IPL for the Body

IPL treatments are not limited to just the face and neck and can really be used on any area of the body. For instance, sun damage and age spots are very common on the chest, arms, hands, upper back, and legs and can be treated with IPL. Treating the body for pigment will also need about 3 treatments to completely rid the area of unwanted, benign brown spots.

Free Consultation at WIFH

You can make an appointment at WIFH for a free consultation to find out if IPL treatments are right for your skin. Though more than one treatment is necessary for the best results, you will see a difference even after your first IPL treatment.

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