How Fast Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

How Fast Does Laser Hair Removal Work

If you want laser hair removal, you likely want your hair gone now. Unfortunately, there is no way to removal hair permanently and instantly, but laser hair removal will get you close! While laser hair removal is a process, the good news is you don’t have to wait until you complete all of your treatments before you see results, because you will visibly notice reduction in your hair with each treatment.

How fast does laser hair removal work? Studies show that patients need between 6 to 9 treatments for the best results. At WIFH, we package our laser hair removal treatments in 8-session packages so our patients can achieve the best results.

When Will I See Results?

You will see a reduction in the amount of hair you have with each and every treatment. That being said, the results aren’t immediate and here’s why: On the day of your treatment the hair that was in the follicle has been ejected from the follicle. This hair now has to wiggle to the surface to fall out—a process known as shedding. This can take a week or so after treatment. We often get calls after patients come in for their first treatment reporting that they are experiencing major regrowth, but in reality they are not.

Once the hairs have shed you will enjoy a long period of time with no hair growth at all—great, right? Typically just before you are ready for your next treatment you will begin to notice some re-growth of hair. You’ll be happy to know, though, over the course of your 6 to 9 treatments you will have less and less hair that grows back in between treatments.

Will All My Hair In The Treated Area Be Completely Gone After Laser Hair Removal?

Let us remember we are mammals and our hormones cause us to produce hair. For this reason, you will never be 100% hair free. What you can expect is a dramatic reduction in hair. You should expect to see a 75% to 90% permanent hair reduction in the area you are treating at the end of your series of treatments. You will see a major reduction after just one treatment, and results just continue to get better. Trust us, you will be thrilled with the final results!

How Often Do I Come In For Treatment?

Laser hair removal is a process and does require time between treatments. Treatments are spaced about every 6-10 weeks. 6-10 weeks are necessary between treatments, because not all your hairs are growing at the same time, and only those hairs in the active growth phase will be affected by your laser hair removal treatment. If you only give a short interval between treatments, the laser hair removal simply will not be as effective. If you want results, you’ll have to be a little patient, but it will be worth the wait!

To find out more about laser hair removal, including packages and pricing, check out our website or come to WIFH for your free consultation.

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