Give Mom Glowing Skin This Mother’s Day with HydraFacial

Give Mom Glowing Skin This Mother’s Day with HydraFacial

Being a mom is a never-ending job. Even if we are fully-grown adults, we always need our mom! Moms are often the unsung heroes of the world, because most moms rarely do anything for themselves and are always thinking of their families first. That’s why we love Mother’s Day at WIFH. It’s a great opportunity to give your mom the gift of taking great care of herself and feeling absolutely relaxed and special.

The Gift of HydraFacial

Want a great gift idea for your mom? Give your mom the gift of a HydraFacial. HydraFacial MD is the perfect treatment to have on a special day or as part of a regular skincare regimen. It’s as a relaxing as a facial but as effective as a skin treatment or peel. There is no downtime, and your mom will leave with glowing skin.

The HydraFacial steps are: cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate—all while specialty serums are being infused back into the skin to address concerns and leave the skin feeling fresh and vibrant. The skin gets totally pampered with this amazing treatment. It’s great for everyone and will help your mom and look and feel like a million bucks.

Perfect for Any Mom!

All treatments are customizable, and there are a number of additional steps that can be added depending on your mom’s skin concerns. Whether your mom wants to address oiliness, dryness, sensitivity, aging, or pigment issues, we have can customize her HydraFacial for her unique skin needs!

As an added bonus, your mom will notice that her skincare products will be more effective after her skin has been rejuvenated with HydraFacial. They will absorb and work faster, since those tired skin cells that have been building up over time will have been gently removed by the treatment.

Your mom will absolutely love the results she will see from HydraFacial—and she’ll love you for giving her such a great gift. She will notice that her skin looks amazing immediately following the treatment and will maintain a healthy glow for days after. It’s the perfect gift to make her feel special on a day dedicated to thanking her for all she does!

Free Consultation

We also skincare consultations at WIFH, so with the gift of HydraFacial, your mom will also get a consultation with one of our aestheticians to help her determine what customizable options she wants with her HydraFacial.

Call or visit WIFH today to get your mom the gift of HydraFacial, and make her feel extra special this Mother’s Day!

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