Get the Skinny on Smartlipo

There are many procedures being offered out there that promise big results, but sadly fall short of their big promises.

If you are shopping for liposuction or laser assisted liposuction, you are shopping for a surgical procedure, which is a big decision. We put together some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our patients so that you know what Smartlipo is and is not.

Smartlipo Laser Liposuction Q&A

Q: What is Smartlipo?

A: Smartlipo is laser assisted liposuction. The name refers to the laser we us, made by Cynosure. We use Smartlipo Triplex machine. It utlilizes 3 different wavelengths of laser; each performing a unique function. The 1440nm wavelength is very attracted to fat, so it quickly liquefies the fat. The second wavelength, the 1320nm, is very attracted to water which it finds in the skin tissue, causing skin tightening. It also causes your body to begin new collagen and elastin formation. The third and final wavelength is the 1064nm wavelength which helps to protect the skin tissue from excess tissue trauma. Most patients experience very minimal bruising with this procedure.

Why are the wavelengths used significant? Smartlipo lasers and all laser assisted liposuction lasers for that matter come in varying strengths ranging from 6 watts to 46 watts and most utilize only a single wavelength. The stronger the power the faster and more efficiently we are able to melt the fat. The Smartlipo Triplex laser is the only laser that has a separate wavelength designed to provide for skin tightening/firming and it ensures that you will not be left with loose, sagging skin post lipo.

Q: Who will I meet with at my consultation?

A: You will only meet with Dr. Kulkin. He believes this is very important. You should always meet with the surgeon that will be performing your surgery. Only the surgeon can predict what kind of results you will see by having this procedure done.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: Simply NO. This procedure is done using the local anesthetic, lidocaine. The same numbing agent used when you have dental work done. While you are awake and aware during the procedure you are not in any pain. Since we know this idea makes some patients a little anxious we can prescribe a mild pain and anti-anxiety medicines to take, just prior to the procedure. These medications are not for pain management but simply to relax you. If you opt not to take these medications you are able to drive yourself home. Nearly 50% of our patients do this procedure with no oral medications and they all do great.

Q: Can I really have this done Friday and be back at work Monday?

A: Yes. We have patients that have this done on Friday morning and are out to dinner with friends that night. You should expect to be sore and tender, but this should not impede your normal activities and responsibilities. Most patients are back to normal exercise in 1 week post procedure.

Q: When will I see a difference?

A: Most patients see a difference right away. You will have swelling following this procedure, which dissipates after a couple of weeks. At 1 month you will begin to see your body taking shape and typically by 3 months you are seeing full results. Some patients will take up to 6, but on average at 3 months your results are amazing.

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