Full Body Laser Hair Removal: Cost & Considerations

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost and Considerations

We all have body hair—after all, we are mammals—but some of us have dark and excessive hair covering most of our bodies. This goes for both men and women. Excessive and unwanted hair can appear on areas like your face, chest, breasts, abdomen, back, arms, legs and butt. If you suffer from dark hair on multiple areas of your body, you may have considered looking into laser hair removal to permanently remove and reduce this obnoxious hair.

Unwanted, coarse and thick hair can be very emotionally distressing for people, and at WIFH we understand that. That’s why we offer full body laser hair removal: no one should have to deal with embarrassment from unwanted hair, and everyone should have the chance to feel confident in their own skin. If you do have excess hair, you know how much time it takes to groom and remove it every day. Save time and feel more confident with laser hair removal!

The Laser Hair Removal Process

Preparation: We ask our patients to prepare for their laser hair removal treatment by shaving the areas to be treated the day of or the day before. This might seem odd especially if you are used to waxing (where they ask you to grow your hair out before treatment). The purpose for shaving is so the laser’s energy isn’t wasted on surface hair, but rather absorbed by the follicle.

Process: During laser hair removal, the color found in your hair absorbs the heat from the laser. The laser energy enters the hair follicle and then destroys its ability to produce hair. Though the process is called laser hair removal, we are not actually removing the hair itself but rather destroying the ability of your hair follicles to produce future hairs.

Because hair grows in cycles, which means not all of your hair is growing at the same time you will need to complete a series of treatments for optimal hair reduction. We offer our laser hair removal treatments in packages of 8. You will notice a reduction after each and every treatment.

Results: After 8 sessions of laser hair removal, our patients usually see anywhere from a 75% to 90% permanent hair reduction in the treated area(s).

Keep in mind that on the day of your treatment, the hair that was in your hair follicle has been ejected and must wiggle to the surface to fall out, a process known as shedding. This can take a week or so after treatment, so you might think you are experiencing re-growth when in reality you are not. Once this process completes you will enjoy an extended period of time with no hair growth at all. The further on into your treatments you will notice your hair growth slowing and the hair becomes very fine and light in color making maintenance a breeze.

Treatment Plans and Cost

At WIFH, we offer everyone a free consultation, and we can design a custom package to include any and all areas of unwanted hair. Our custom packages offer huge savings. Full laser body hair removal packages always include 8 sessions spaced every 6 weeks. The price will depend on the areas you are treating, but packages can run anywhere from $5,000+. We offer affordable payment options including in-house payment plans and interest-free financing through Care Credit, which you can learn more about on the laser hair removal section of our website and always check out our monthly specials.

Call and Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

We can safely treat all skin types and most areas of the body. At WIFH, we have the right laser to meet your needs and deliver lasting results. You shouldn’t have to be burdened with unwanted hair any longer! Laser hair removal is a great option for anyone wanting to get rid of excessive hair for good. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.



How much would it cost for full legs, bikini, and arms to have enough sessions to reduce regrowth as much as possible?
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