Daily Skincare Tips for Your 30s

Skincare Recommendations for 30s

At WIFH, there is a simple mantra that we preach to all of our patients between the ages of 30-39: prevention, prevention, prevention. Below, we’ve rounded up our top tips for the best skincare routine to use in your 30s.

Make sure you’re using the right products

It’s important to remember that each of us have unique skin concerns and needs. Using the wrong products can actually exacerbate issues, such as using a facial cleanser that would be better suited for oily skin when you have normal to dry skin. Do regular check-ins with yourself because your skin type can change over time as hormones change (this is particularly common for new moms.)

Remove makeup AND cleanse your skin

By now, you probably have a daily routine established for cleaning your face. Removing make-up, dirt, and environmental residue every night before you go to sleep is more important than ever for thirty-somethings – in part because you’re probably wearing more makeup that you did in your 20s. If you’re applying a night cream, washing your face in the morning is important to keep your skin vibrant. It will help your makeup apply more smoothly.

Remember, removing your makeup is not always the same thing as cleansing your face – once you have taken the cosmetic product off the surface, you have to use a cleanser to actually clean the skin.

Some of our favorite cleansing products are:

  • Cosmedix Purity Solution – it is a deep cleansing oil a perfect cleanser for taking off make-up (including eye make-up). Contrary to what you would think this cleanser won’t leave you feeling greasy and it perfect for all skin types.
  • Cosmedix Purity Clean – is an exfoliating cleanser without harsh chemicals. It helps to decongest pores and keep your skin healthy and glowing. Great for normal to oily skin.

If you want to take your cleansing a step further you can use a balancer or toner after cleansing, this helps to prep the skin for your at-home treatment products.

Moisturize: Treatments at Night & SPF During the Day

At night, after you’ve removed your makeup and cleansed your skin, you’ll want to apply a treatment product or two or at the very least a moisturizer to your face (don’t forget your neck and décolleté). Now that you’re 30 you should consider using a tretinoin or retinol product at night, this well help to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles and prevent others from starting. Vitamin C is excellent for tone, texture and pigment. And antioxidants help fight free radicals which can lead to aging skin.

If you’re not ready for all of that, then at the very least you need a good moisturizer. Apply your moisturizer morning and night. Often people with oily skin are reluctant to use a moisturizer, but if the surface gets dry it will turn on your oil production. There are many light moisturizers available that won’t leave you feeling greasy.

Sunscreen is an absolute must! You need an SPF of 30+, some moisturizers have a built-in sunscreen which is fine. Even if your make-up has SPF in it you still need additional protection. A pro tip is to run that moisturizer and SPF down your neck and onto your chest (really anywhere that would be exposed to the sun) to help fight against the development of wrinkles and sun damage.

If your skin is seriously dry, consider adding a serum before your moisturizer, in the morning and at night, as serums can be more easily absorbed than many lotions or creams.

Some of our favorite moisturizing products are:

  • Cosmedix Emulsion – this is a rich moisturizer for dry aging skin
  • Cosmedix Peptide – Rich Defense -very light moisturizer that blends peptides, amino acids and sunscreen.

Protect your eyes

The first fine lines you see on your face will probably be visible around your delicate eye area. This is in part because the skin there is thinner than on the rest of your face. Find an eye cream, with ingredients like peptides, antioxidants and retinol to prevent lines and reduce puffiness and dark circles. You may find you need two eye creams if you prefer something richer at night.

We’re loving these products:

  • Cosmedix Eye Genius – firms, brightens, calms and hydrates. It corrects fine lines, puffiness, dark circles and more.
  • Cosmedix Opti Crystal – the ultimate in anti-aging eye care. It replenishes damaged and thinning skin with growth factors and retinol. This product is protective and corrective.


At age 30 and beyond, you’ll want to make sure that your routine includes exfoliating. In our younger years, our skin cells turn over more regularly, naturally. As we age, we need to practice exfoliation to urge this process along, deeply cleansing pores and removing dead skin cells from the face. Depending on your skin type, you may want to use an exfoliating product more than once a week.

There are many at home options for exfoliating. You can use a product with retinol or a tretinioin several nights a week. There are also enzyme masks. You may even want to consider a deep exfoliation in the form of a microdermabrasion or chemical peel. Like with any products, be sure to consult a skin specialist when choosing the right exfoliate to confirm that there are not any ingredients present that would work against your skincare goals.

Remember, prevention is key during this precious decade. When you find the right products and work your routine, you are investing in the future of your skin. It’s also important to note that when you start a new skin care regimen or products it’s not uncommon to experience a breakout often you skin needs 4-6 weeks to acclimate to new products.

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