5 Reasons Why Cellulaze is a Win for Cellulite Removal

Cellulaze Cellulite Removal Atlanta

Do you have cellulite you want to get rid of? When it comes to cellulite removal, you should consider Cellulaze, WIFH’s long-term solution to get rid of those unattractive lumps and dimples sitting right below the surface of your skin.

The truth is any women at any weight can have cellulite, which is caused by fat cells getting trapped within a web of tight connective tissue bands. With fall and winter right around the corner, it’s a great time to get rid of that cellulite so you can emerge in the spring and summer confident and ready to show off your dimple-free thighs and buttocks!

If you’re interested in this effective cellulite removal treatment, below are five reasons why Cellulaze is a winning option.

1. Cellulaze is FDA Approved

Cellulaze is absolutely safe; it’s done under local anesthesia right here in our office. We were one of the first practices in the country to offer Cellulaze, which was released in early 2012, since then we have done over 1,000 cellulite removal procedures.

2. Minimally Invasive Cellulite Removal

In fact, Cellulaze is a laser-assisted procedure that actually melts the trapped fatty pockets under the skin, cuts and disbands the connective tissue trapping them, and simultaneously thickens and tightens your skin. Good-bye cellulite. Hello smooth, beautiful skin.

3. Cellulaze Only Requires One Treatment

That’s right. This is a one and done cellulite removal procedure. The procedure takes 1 to 1 ½ hours per area (example of an area would be the backs of both thighs). You can return to your normal activities within 1-2 days! You will have some bruising and tenderness in the treated area for a couple of weeks. We will provide you a compression garment to wear for 2 weeks. That’s it—then you are free of cellulite!

4. Cellulaze Attacks Cellulite At Its Source (Beneath The Skin)

Since the laser used in the Cellulaze procedure addresses cellulite at its source, the cellulite actually gets eliminated, and the rigid connective tissue that once constricted the fatty pockets are released leaving the skin smooth. Your skin will look lump and dimple free, and smoother than ever!

5. Cellulaze Offers Long-Term, Maybe Even Permanent, Results!

This speaks for itself, doesn’t it? After your Cellulaze treatment, you will enjoy your smooth, cellulite-free skin for a very, very long time—maybe even forever. That’s pretty great when compared to the creams and gels historically used to try and get rid of cellulite, which only provide limited and short-term results, if they give you results at all.

Interested in Cellulaze for Cellulite Removal?

Are you interested in Cellulaze for cellulite removal? Take a look at Cellulaze before and after photos on our website or come in for your free consultation to speak with Dr. Kulkin to see if Cellulaze is right for you!

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