Botox, the New Head Hunter

I was chatting with one of our patients yesterday while she was waiting to be taken back for her appointment and she said she was here for Botox “I need to stay young-looking so I can stay in the job market as long as I can.”

I was actually a little puzzled by the comment, I mean I love Botox and honestly think everyone should use it, but I had never considered using it to keep my job.

I was intrigued so I asked her what she meant by that to which she answered “I’m in sales and it’s all about the way you look, things have changed so much since the economy took a hit back in ’09, I have a friend that got laid-off back in early 2010, mid-fifties and she has yet to find a job and I truly believe it’s her age. So I figure if I can keep lookin’ young I can keep working.”

Wow, I had never considered that, but it’s true, the job market is so much more competitive now than it has ever been. And older people with experience are now competing with kids fresh out of college, so I get that you need every bit of leverage you can get to win those highly coveted positions in the job market.

So Botox can be the edge you need to get a job, get promoted or simply not be overlooked at your current job. Botox is quick and easy. Results last between 3-4 months.

We offer Botox for just $13/unit. Maybe instead of Botox you can call it your personal head hunter, it might just be your shoe in the door for that next job or promotion!

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