Botox…Join the Club!

It’s the best kept secret among your friends…your coworkers…even your child’s preschool teacher. Yea, she’s in the club too. I joined when I was 24..

You see, I went home to look at myself, as I always do, but the reflection that stared back at me startled me. “MOM!?” Yea, that was her alright! And her signature 3 expression lines had claimed their stake on my forehead. I immediately became worried and all of those voices that warned me about this suddenly replayed in my head…”Wait until you hit 30..” and “You’re just 20-something, you don’t have any wrinkles”…but there they were. The line that really made me upset was the vertical line that sat right in the middle of my eyes. Apparently, when I think intently, I tend to furrow my brows and people would always inquire why I looked “so angry”. Never flattering.

What was I suppose to do now? The damage had been done! I went to work the next day, wallowing in my new found “oldness” and my coworker said “Why don’t you try Botox?” What!? Botox!? I was too young for it but it turns out women in their 20s make up 30% of Botox fans, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. It, more or less, gives us the “jump” on wrinkles before they start to really set in. Kind of like exercise: Start early to prevent and maintain so you don’t have to do anything drastic later.

Reluctantly, I agreed. My biggest anxiety about this entire procedure was the needle. But it was pretty small and the entire treatment took less than 15 minutes. Now, for me personally, I looked like a baby dinosaur due to the raised injection sites. I kept checking the mirror every 5 minutes to make sure I wouldn’t scare anyone I came in contact with up front. After, 15 minutes they weren’t there anymore and right on time because in walked the next patient.

My botox took effect within the next few days. This stuff was actually pretty cool! Now that I’ve addressed the cause of the wrinkles, I can now treat my skin and bring it back to the youthful suppleness it once reflected.

At 29, with 30 in the near future, I am proud to say I’m in the Botox club. 🙂

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