Botox Injection Sites, Cost & Considerations

Botox Injection Sites Costs Considerations

If you’ve ever thought about getting Botox but have questions about the areas Botox can be injected, the costs, and how it works then this article is for you. Here at WIFH, we want to make you feel comfortable before you make the decision to get Botox, which is why we offer consultations at no cost to you!

Where Can Botox be Injected?

Botox is specifically indicated for the forehead, frown lines (between the brows) and crows feet, which are the areas we treat here at WIFH. These areas are prone to lines and wrinkles because these areas show all of our facial expressions and over time lines and wrinkles can form. Botox does an amazing job at getting rid of them and what a difference it makes! Many facilities will also use Botox to soften the lines in the lower face, but this is considered “off label”.

At WIFH we prefer to use fillers to correct the lower face. Some of the most common Botox injection sites include the lips (to smooth away the peri-oral lines), neck (soften the platysmal bands), forehead, glabella (between the brows) and around the eyes (crows feet).

How is Botox Priced?

Typically Botox is priced per unit, but there are some facilities that charge by the area regardless of units used. On average, most areas will need 20 to 25 units of Botox for the best results, however everyone’s needs are different; your Botox treatment is completely customizable. Results typically last three to four months, this too can vary depending on the number of units used and how quickly your body metabolizes Botox. At WIFH, we provide Botox injections for $11 per unit. We also participate in Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions Program, which allows you to earn points each time you come in for your Botox treatment.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox works to help create a more youthful look by reducing the mobility of the muscles that cause persistent lines and wrinkles in your face that have developed over time. Within only days after your treatment you will begin to notice an improvement in your treated area. It can take up to 10 days for your Botox to take full effect. It is a common misconception that if you get Botox your face will be frozen, this is simply not true.

As mentioned, Botox treatments are customizable so the more you use the less movement you will have, conversely the less Botox you use the more movement you will have. So you can still have a “normal” looking face with less lines and wrinkles. Without a doubt it can turn back time, but remember if you discontinue using Botox your lines and wrinkles will return, so it’s important to stay on a schedule with your Botox treatments to maintain results.

Can I Get Botox for the Lower Face?

Although there are some facilities that will inject the lower face with Botox, it does come with risks, so we do not inject the lower face at WIFH. Instead, we prefer fillers for the lower face to soften those lines and allow for a smooth, younger look.

Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions Program

Allergan, the maker of Botox, has created a membership program that rewards you each time you get Botox, any of their facial fillers like Juvederm XC, or purchase a box of Latisse. The points are given to you at each appointment, and you can redeem them for future discounts on Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Vollure and Latisse. Each Botox treatment has a $20 reward value (200 points)!

Other Botox Considerations

Before getting Botox injections, take the time to determine the look you want, the areas you want to treat, and the results you expect to get. Treatments take about 15 minutes, are very comfortable. We don’t use any topical numbing cream before administering Botox and our patients do great. At WIFH, we have done thousands of Botox injections over the last fifteen years and have had fabulous results. Call or visit WIFH today to set up a free consultation for your Botox treatments!

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