Botox for Forehead: Before and After Photos

Botox for Forehead Before and After Photos

Do you have lines and wrinkles on your forehead that you’d like to get rid of? Well, Botox is and will probably always be the #1 aesthetic procedure in the world. It’s no wonder, because it’s affordable, lasts 3-4 months, and offers amazing results. It really turns back time—truly amazing.

The forehead is one of the first places lines begin to form, especially if you are expressive, so Botox can be a great solution, even preventatively. Want to see real patient results? Check out the Botox for forehead before and after photos below.

Custom Botox Treatments for Forehead

The biggest misconception about Botox is that it will freeze your face. However, Botox is completely customizable, so if you would like to have some movement you can just have less Botox injected. If you are new to Botox, we always recommend starting with a little and then once you are used to it and decide you need a little bit more, you can come back in for more.

You can always add more for less movement, so starting with less is a better way to gauge what you like. At WIFH, our Botox for your forehead is $11 per unit; most foreheads will need between 15-25 units for best results. Everyone is different, though, so some people may require less and some may need more. At your complimentary consultation we will be able to provide you our recommendation based on the look you are looking to achieve.

Keep in mind it does take about 10 days to see the full effects of Botox, so always plan ahead if you have an upcoming event. Botox is also preventative! Just because you don’t see lines yet does not mean you won’t, so if you are expressive and wrinkle your forehead often you might consider getting Botox now to prevent the lines from forming in the skin. It’s never too soon to start, and you can get fewer units at first to see what you think!

Contact us at WIFH for a free consultation, and see how Botox can keep your forehead youthful and wrinkle-free!

Botox for Forehead Before and After Photos

Below are a few Botox for forehead before and after photos of real patients who have visited WIFH for their Botox treatments.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed

Botox Forehead Before and After Photos Botox for Forehead Before After Botox Forehead Before After

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