Lindsay’s Story Part I: Affirm Laser Rejuvenation

I have worked at WIFH for 8 1/2 years now and have seen and witnessed many skin rejuvenation procedures. Some we just tested and others we now offer as services in our office.

I never volunteered as a guinea pig or partook in any of these “perks” of the job, I mean did I really need to?

I use Botox to control the lines on my forehead and around my eyes. I have a great skin care regimen (admittedly I am a product junkie), did I really need to resurface my skin with a laser? I began to question this more and more as I closely examined my now mid-thirty face.

I have always had freckles or at least that’s what they used to call them. The terminology gets worse as you get older, they’re freckles when you’re a kid, you hit 25 and it’s sundamage, 40 they turn to age spots and by 60 they’re barnacles….now that’s something to look forward to! Not only do I have these “freckles” but I now have melasma, thanks to my second baby! I wouldn’t trade her for the world, but I do wish I could get rid of this mask of pregnancy she left me with. It literally looks like the state of Texas on my forehead.

Not only do I have pigmentation issues, but now I am starting to notice the beginnings of the lines around my mouth…and is the skin on my neck looking loose and thin…oh no…what’s happening? Okay, I might be being a little dramatic, but when you feel like you’re 25 you want to look like it too! I’ve found myself in an aging-dilemma. The good news is… I work for WIFH and I have an arsenal at my fingertips to fight the cruelty of aging. The decision had been made… it was laser or look old.

It was suggested I start with the Affirm laser. It offers an answer to my pigmentation and anti-aging needs. My co-workers know I chicken-out pretty quick so when I announced I was going to do it, Shannon grabbed my hand and said “I have time, let’s do it now!” My office-mate, Melissa was right behind us with her phone to video my experience. I was a little nervous, but with the first pulse of the laser I quickly realized this was something I could handle and with the prospects of looking younger I was hooked.

You can definitely feel the heat of the laser as it’s pulsing over your skin. It feels more like a strong tingle in the skin, but not what I would describe as painful. Honestly, I think the cold, high pressure air was the worst part. You’ll notice in the video I was swallowing a lot, it was because the air was so strong it was taking my breath. After 2 passes with the laser it was over. My face felt like I had suffered a bad sunburn. I put some of our Age Delay product on my face (great product for everyday, but really great post procedure because of all the green tea and antioxidants) and of course sunscreen. For the next several hours my face felt like this, and I also felt tightness in my skin. I had a few round, red circles on my face, which lasted a day or so, but were easily covered with make-up.

Now I know you won’t see results right away, this is an 8-session process and it could take several before noticeable results are seen, but I already think I see a difference (it’s been right almost 3 weeks). I have my next one scheduled in a few weeks. We treat every 4-6 weeks, I opted for the 6 week schedule. I’ll update this post before each treatment so you can see my progress. I’m hoping I’ve found the fountain of youth… if it really exists.

And a special thanks to Melissa, who would never make it as a real camera man, for highlighting the double chin….my next blog post will be about my Smartlipo experience as I have to get rid of my chin now!

This post was written by WIFH Marketing Director Lindsay Spires.