Smartlipo for Men in Atlanta

Smartlipo for Men Men's Laser Lipo in Atlanta

Men’s Smartlipo: It Isn’t Just for Women Anymore!

Liposuction isn’t just for women; in fact it is rapidly becoming the most requested cosmetic procedure among men. The reasons men seek to do liposuction aren’t very different from that of their female counterparts.

They want to look younger and fitter and regain their confidence. Smartlipo, laser assisted liposuction, offers significant results with minimal downtime compared to traditional liposuction making it the perfect option for busy lifestyles.

Smartlipo for men can be performed on numerous body parts including the abdomen, flanks (back love handles), chest (man-breasts) and chin.

As we get older it becomes tougher to maintain the physique of our youth. These difficult to lose places can also be genetic in origin. We have many patients that return to have additional areas treated.

We are often able to treat several areas at the same time helping you minimize your time away from work. The best way to understand how this will work for you is to come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kulkin.

Why Come to WIFH for Smartlipo for Men?

  1. Dr. Kulkin uses the Smartlipo Triplex.  This information may not sound important, but it is. Many facilities are using lower wattage machines that simply aren’t able to achieve the results that we can accomplish with Smartlipo at WIFH.
  2. Dr. Kulkin has more than 30 years of surgical laser experience and has performed approximately 9,000 Smartlipo procedures.
  3. You are provided Dr. Kulkin’s direct cell phone number should you have any questions following your procedure. Dr. Kulkin personally calls each patient the day of and day after any Smartlipo procedure.
  4. Dr. Kulkin and WIFH have a reputation for excellence in Smartlipo which you can independently verify online.
  5. We stress your safety every step of the way.
  6. Winner of Best Smartlipo in Atlanta by Jezebel magazine year after year.