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Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin Men Proven Safe for Dark Skin

Safe, Effective Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin Men

We treat men with dark skin types all day, every day.  Our patients represent over 52 different nationalities and over the years we have developed a national reputation for treating unwanted hair of all ethnicities. We have patients with dark skin that travel from around the country to be treated in our office.

We have performed over 450,000 laser hair removal procedures on various darker skin types including African Americans, Indians, Hispanics and those of mixed racial backgrounds without a single complication. Ethnic skin types comprise 40% of our patient population, so we are extremely well versed in all of them. Every member of our clinical team has extensive experience treating these skin types and have been personally trained by Dr. Kulkin.

Dr. Kulkin believes the YAG laser is the best laser to treat dark skin types. This uniquely designed laser ignores the pigment in the skin making it the safest and most effective laser available to treat unwanted hair on dark skin.

Dr. Kulkin always says there are two important parts to a successful laser treatment:  The laser and the person holding the laser.  At WIFH you can be sure you are being treated with the right laser for your skin type and the person holding that laser has extensive experience treating dark skin.

This is why male and female Atlanta TV anchors and professional athletes with dark skin types have chosen us to work on their faces and bodies.

 We encourage you to come in for a complimentary consultation and bring the questions that concern you most so Dr. Kulkin or our team can address them for you directly.

Dr. Kulkin Talks About Safety of Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin

Laser Hair Removal for African American Men

Atlanta Laser Hair Removal Dark Skin Men

African American men typically have dark, thick, coarse hair that has the tendency to cause ingrown hairs on various parts of the body.

These ingrown hairs cause uncomfortable bumps and discoloration which can produce an almost disfiguring appearance (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae). Most often this occurs on the face and neck. With laser hair removal, we are able to successfully address theses issues: reducing bumps and the discoloration left behind, making the skin look so much better.  See our photo gallery for many examples.

It has been our experience that many African American men are forced to use clippers instead of razors due to the bumps and we are able to resolve this issue as well.  It is important to note we have accomplished these great results without any burns and without pain to our patients. We love to see the difference this process makes for our patients!

We often see African American men who have visited other facilities with far less experience who have had poor experiences making them quite nervous to be treated again. Rest assured the experience here is quite different as stated by so many of our patients. We believe the YAG laser is the safest laser for this skin type and it is the only laser used in our office on this skin type.

Laser Hair Removal for Indian Men

Many Indian men come to us for laser hair removal for Indian skin for all parts of their bodies. As we know, Indian men have various skin types from very light to very dark. As a result, the laser chosen to treat each person may be different. Some are light enough for the alexandrite laser and some dark enough for the YAG laser.

We also have the Elite MPX laser, which allows us to use both wavelengths (Alex and YAG), this laser is designed to treat those patients with darker skin types and finer hair such as Indian skin, which historically are harder to treat. We are able to achieve nice reduction.