Laser Hair Removal Indian Skin

Laser Hair Removal for Indian Skin Unique Skin Types Have Unique Needs

WIFH Has Vast Laser Experience with Indian Skin Types

Laser Hair Removal Indian Skin Women

At WIFH we can safely treat all skin types and all parts of the body. Because of our extensive experience with laser hair removal we know that darker skin types have their own unique needs.

Indian skin can vary in tone; some are very light while some can be very dark. As a result, the laser chosen to treat each person may also be different.

Types of Lasers We Use

We have both an Alexandrite laser and a YAG laser. Some of our Indian patients are light enough that we are able to use the Alexandrite laser while those with darker skin types require the YAG laser.

We also have the Elite MPX laser, which allows us to use both wavelengths (Alexandrite and YAG). This laser is designed to treat those patients with darker skin types and finer hair, which is a common combination among our Indian patients.

Facial Laser Hair Removal for Indian Patients

Faces are a common area that is treated here in our office and it is specifically addressed on our website. Our Indian patients tend to have dark, fine hair on many areas of the body.

We can treat any area of the body with laser hair removal:

These areas do quite well. It is important to note that finer hair tends not to respond as well as thicker, coarser hair and can be challenging to treat. At your complimentary consultation we will assess your skin and hair and give you a realistic expectation as to the results you will see with treatment.

Treating Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

At WIFH, we treat a lot of Indian women with hormone issues such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). This can present a unique challenge, as it is difficult to determine if the unwanted facial hair is more genetic or hormonal in origin. Our experience with laser hair removal treatments for Indian skin makes us uniquely qualified to make this diagnosis and design an effective treatment plan. Our patients are very pleased with their results as evidenced by the fact that we often care for many members of the same family both immediate and extended.