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Laser Hair Removal for African Americans Unique Skin Types Have Unique Needs

Laser Hair Removal is Proven Safe for Dark Skin Types

While we can safely treat all skin types, darker skin types have their own unique needs. African American patients typically have dark, thick, coarse hair that has the tendency to curl, which leads to ingrown hairs. This can happen on various parts of the body including faces, necks, bikinis and underarms.

We utilize the YAG laser on all darker skin tones. This laser ignores the pigment in the skin making it safe for all skin types but it’s most effective on darker skin types.

We can safely treat any area of the body, but facial laser hair removal is the most common area we treat among our African American patients. We are able to successfully make our patients hair and bump free with a marked reduction in discoloration. And the best news is you’ll begin seeing a difference several weeks after your first treatment.

It’s amazing to see how our patient’s transform through their laser hair removal process. Not only are they getting rid of their unwanted hair and bumps, but they get their confidence back and the beauty that was hidden behind those bumps is able to be seen. Visit our photo gallery for many examples of this transformation.

Why WIFH is Different

At WIFH, we often see patients that have previously been treated at other facilities with far less experience with their skin type. Many have had poor experiences making them nervous to consider laser hair removal again. Rest assured your experience here will be quite different. We are honored that many of our patients have taken the time to write online reviews about their experience with us.

We believe the YAG laser is the safest laser for dark skin types and it’s the only laser used in our office for African Americans. We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation and see what laser hair removal, the WIFH way, can do for you.

Relieving Painful PFB

The most common reason we see African Americans for laser hair removal is because of ingrown hairs.

These ingrown hairs cause irritating bumps and skin discoloration which can produce an almost disfiguring appearance (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae).

Many men and women are forced to use clippers instead of razors due to these bumps and ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal is able to resolve this issue as well.

Laser Hair Removal Dark Skin