Zoey Crichlow

Patient Concierge, 0 Years at WIFH

Zoey Crichlow provides support at WIFH in our patient services.
She joins the WIFH team with a degree in Resort and Hospitality
Management and has always been in the service-facing industry.
Zoey believes patients and guests should always come first and has
experience in many different areas of the industry, such as sales and
marketing, event management, and guest-facing roles. 

When she is not at WIFH, Zoey spends her time running a spray tan
business on the side and enjoys staying fit and walking down the infamous
Atlanta Beltline with her cat, Bear, in a stroller and boyfriend, Eugene.
She also loves to travel to new places.

She even interned in Barcelona and says her favorite location she’s
traveled to was London. Next time you’re in the office, ask her all about
her European recommendations and travel tips. Cheers!