Our Lasers Lasers Used at WIFH

Get to Know Our Lasers

There are two important factors when choosing where to have laser hair removal in Atlanta. One is the laser you are being treated with and the other is the person holding the laser.

In this section we will address our lasers and you can read about each member of our highly trained staff in the “About Us” section. Each of our clinical members have been with WIFH for many years. In fact, because of our lasers and expertise, men and women of all skin types come to WIFH from around the country for laser hair removal.

For light skin types, we use the strongest laser in the industry called the Alexandrite Laser. Fondly referred to as “Alex”, this laser can help eliminate even the lightest brown, almost blond hairs from all parts of the body. Of course, black and dark brown hairs respond the best.

For darker skin types the “Yag” laser is hands down the safest in the industry. We have performed over 400,000 procedures on dark skin without one serious complication! It is our opinion that using any laser other than the Yag on dark skin increases the risk of serious complication significantly. We have demonstrated the safety of the YAG since 2002.


Used to Treat

Alexandrite Laser (755) Laser Hair Removal & Tattoo for Fair Skin (Skin Types I-III)
YAG (1064) Laser Hair Removal & Tattoo Removal for Darker Skin (Skin Types IV-VI) / Laser Facial for the Treatment of Rosacea / Facial Vessels / Leg Veins / Cherry Angiomas
IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light) Pigmented Lesions / Sun Damage
Affirm Skin Rejuvenation / Skin Tightening / Scars / Stretch Marks
C02 Acne Scars / Reduce Pore Size & Tighten Skin / Skin Resurfacing
Q-Switched YAG Laser tattoo removal (skin types I-VI)
Smartlipo (1064/1320/1440) Laser assisted liposuction. Safe for all skin types (I-VI). Melts fat and tightens skin
SculpSure (1060) Destroys and melts fat when used topically on the skin. Safe for all skin types (I-VI)