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Laser Hair Removal

“Just wanted to share with Dr. Kulkin, my complete satisfaction with my treatments there.  My face is beautiful now.  I’ve grown a fuzzy layer of hair where there was once coarse hair on my face.  Those blemishes I had are all gone.  No one would ever know what I was dealing with before by looking at me now.  My confidence has increased greatly and I’ve lost 26 lbs.  I just feel like taking better care of myself in general”

– M.H. Lawrenceville, Georgia

“After several hours of on-line research and educating myself about laser hair removal, I was fortunate to discover the Women’s Institute for Health website. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Jay Kulkin’s medical biography and his commitment to women’s health issues.  Thus I made my first appointment and have been very pleased with every appointment thereafter!

Dr. Kulkin and his staff are committed to their patients and doing what is best for their patients.  I am very pleased with my laser hair removal results and the high level of professionalism demonstrated by the WIFH staff.  I highly recommend and trust the Women’s Institute for Health”

– S.A.B. Alpharetta, Georgia

“I was one of the first WIFH laser patients in October of 2002 and had facial hair removed.  I am an African American woman and a nurse.  As of March, 2006 I still have 90-95% less hair  than when I began treatment.  Dr. Kulkin and his staff are to be trusted for your laser and medical needs regardless of skin color.”

– G.B. Atlanta, Georgia

“I was one of those girls that HATED shaving so much that I would go for weeks without doing it. It was always the last thing on my list of priorities, but then all of the sudden, I’m wearing shorts or something sleeveless and I remember that I haven’t shaved and it’s so annoying and embarrassing! Another major reason that I decided to do this is because I’m very prone to getting ingrown hairs, especially around my bikini line.

This has been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made and definitely the best investment. Although there were many different laser hair removal centers to choose from, I initially chose WIFH because of Dr. Kulkin’s experience and the fact that he is a medical doctor. He wasn’t just someone who knew how to use a laser and that made me feel much more comfortable. Then, after actually meeting Dr. Kulkin and his staff during my consultation, there was no doubt in my mind that I had come to the right place.

I couldn’t be happier with my results! I no longer have to buy razors or shaving cream. It’s so nice to not have to worry about it. I’m so proud and I tell everyone! My friends are so jealous and after seeing my results, they all want to get it done, too!!”

– J. Jones Atlanta, Georgia

“Dear _____,I wanted to send you the link to Dr. Kulkin’s website. Please take a look. I think you will be impressed with his background and expertise. I heard about his facility from a radio advertisement about four years ago, I placed a phone call and got all the information. Due to my concerns with the exposure of this type of procedure on people of color, I was very reluctant. I had seen talk shows, etc. that revealed the dramatic experience that some people of color experienced. I decided to give it some time and follow up with the success of this office. I wanted to compare the excellent reports about this practice to what time would reveal. Three years later, I called the lady at this office that I initially spoke to. Although, she was no longer working there, the business website revealed the success stories, news coverage, and new accomplishments since that time.

On my initial consultation, I decide to begin treatment on the same day. He sat down with me and asked me questions. These questions were related to treatment and he also went beyond those to get to know who I am as a person and what my interest were. Once you do a consultation with him you will see how much compassion and enthusiasm he has for what he does. I feel he has a genuine spirit and overwhelming desire for what he does. My concern was for facial hair that was causing blemishes. I signed up for eight sessions, of which I have two left. With in a week I noticed a difference in the hair growth. Each treatment seemed to be just as rewarding.

I only wish I gotten the treatments sooner. I now have more than 80% of the hair gone. Well, lets relate it like this. I use to shave with my husbands razor every morning and by the next morning I could feel more stubble. I couldn’t shave daily because the more I shave the more I broke out in bumps. Now I don’t shave, well perhaps once or twice a month I’ll see a little fuss and decide to shave it off. My confidence had decreased and I wasn’t aware of it. Since treat began last fall, I’ve lost 30 pounds and I feel more like the old me that disappear. As you can see, I am really pleased with my experience.”

– MK


“Throughout my 20’s, I was unhappy with my outer thighs…no matter how much I exercised or how much weight I lost, my outer thighs still remained intact.  I knew that I would have to choose liposuction for a permanent solution.  I also knew that I wanted liposuction that wasn’t invasive, so smartlipo was a great match for me.  I met a few spa professionals prior to meeting Dr. Kulkin.  I found Dr. Kulkin on the website as the only Georgia doctor listed on American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.  After the first meeting, I knew Dr. Kulkin was the right doctor for me.  After a few more months of contemplation, I decided to go for it.  The surgery was so easy, and I am not an easy patient.  With the exception of the first night, I had very minimal pain.  I am very happy with the results.  I would highly recommend Dr. Kulkin and WIFH to everyone who is considering laser lipo.” 

– A. M. Atlanta, GA

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