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Smartlipo Atlanta Liposuction: Laser Lipo in Atlanta

Smartlipo Atlanta Liposuction: Smartlipo Laser Liposuction in Atlanta GASmartlipo was approved by the FDA in 2006 as the first laser to be used for laser assisted liposuction. 

We waited until 2008 to begin our Smartlipo Atlanta Liposuction program when we saw enough data and results to know this was the best laser liposuction procedure available. The same still holds true today.

We have now performed close to 6,000 Atlanta Liposuction procedures using the Smartlipo laser to date with excellent results and no serious complications. We are using the Triplex version of Smartlipo which is the strongest and latest version of the laser available today.

These results are because of the tremendous dedication of our team to the very fine points of the procedure which make it safe and very effective. We understand that each patient’s goals are different and it is our goal to understand them and help you achieve your specific goals. In addition, Dr. Kulkin has been asked to be a peer reviewer by the Georgia Medical Board on laser liposuction procedures.

Traditional liposuction is rapidly becoming a procedure of the past. It uses general anesthesia and patients experience a lot of pain and downtime afterward due to the large size of  the instruments. Using Smartlipo technology for Liposuction in Atlanta is just the opposite. There is minimal downtime and minimal discomfort following your procedure.

Smartlipo is laser assisted liposuction, also known as laser lipolysis, the destruction of fat cells. The procedure, done in our state of the art office, uses a laser in conjunction with a local anesthetic, melting the fat before suctioning it from the body. Since we have melted the fat before suctioning it out, we are able to use tiny instruments thus preventing a lot of pain and bruising. We do NOT use an IV nor do we use any injected sedation.

The heating and melting of the fat prior to removal, creates the added benefit of skin tightening, giving patients a smooth result. In fact, Smartlipo is the only liposuction technique on the market that is proven to tighten the skin. To accomplish this, a high powered Smartlipo machine, such as our Triplex which utilizes three wavelengths, must be used. This is very important to be aware of; lower powered machines cannot deliver enough heat to adequately tighten skin.

Atlanta Smartlipo: Smartlipo Laser Liposuction Atlanta GAThere are many choices when it comes to Atlanta liposuction. We have developed a reputation for excellence; we are seeing an increasing number of patients that have had similar procedures done at other facilities using lesser technologies with minimal results.

Dr. Kulkin likes to remind everyone that the laser being used is important but even more important is the person holding the laser. Dr. Kulkin began using lasers in surgery in 1987. His extensive laser experience allows him to achieve excellent results safely.

During your Smartlipo Atlanta procedure you are under the direct care of Dr. Kulkin. One of our Physicians Assistants or Nurse Practitioners is also by your side during the entire procedure. Dr. Kulkin and his clinical assistant will be explaining everything that is happening, every step of the way. NO ONE BUT DR. KULKIN PERFORMS ANY OF THE SURGICAL PROCEDURE.

Patients are wide awake and talking throughout the procedure! We understand the thought of this may make some people feel very anxious, but rest assured, your comfort and safety is our number one priority. The area we are working on will be numb; you will only feel pressure and movement during the procedure. All of our patients walk out of our office and the majority are able to drive themselves home.

SAFETY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC WITH ANY PROCEDURE WE PERFORM AT WIFH. NOT ONE OF OUR PATIENTS HAS EVER NEEDED TO VISIT THE HOSPITAL OR EMERGENCY ROOM FOR ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY RELATED TO THEIR ATLANTA SMARTLIPO PROCEDURE. The topic of anesthesia is a very important one, as most of the complications you hear about that take place during liposuction procedures are due to the use of general anesthesia or IV sedation which we do not use.

Atlanta Liposuction: Body Parts We Can Perform Smartlipo On

Our Smartlipo Atlanta Liposuction procedure is perfect for those bothersome bulges that you just can't seem to lose with diet and exercise. We commonly treat the abdominal area, flanks, thighs and saddle bags, back/bra fat and arms. Smartlipo is also perfect for patients with a drooping chin or sagging jowls or the man with excess breast tissue. We frequently treat Moms who have the notorious abdominal “shelf” from a Cesarean incision.

Atlanta Smartlipo ProcedureMany of our Smartlipo patients have previously had traditional liposuction or other procedures which did not accomplish their goals.

A common complaint is that they were left with visible rippling and ridges below the skin or they simply did not see much of a difference. That does not happen at WIFH. 

Traditional liposuction uses a large instrument to scrape the fat from the skin, which makes it difficult to evenly remove the fat. In contrast, Smartlipo laser liposuction uses a laser to evenly melt the fat, which ensures a smooth appearance upon its removal. As mentioned above the laser also causes tissue tightening and collagen production that firms and tightens the skin. This is well proven in two recent studies published in the medical literature.

Every day, we see patients interested in this laser liposuction procedure; however, we will only perform Smartlipo on patients we believe can achieve the results they are looking for. Some people are simply too large for Smartlipo and are not good candidates for this procedure.

Consultations for Smartlipo are always complimentary, are always with Dr. Kulkin, and include a discussion on what will best serve each patient’s individual needs. Patients who fly from other states to WIFH should contact Lindsay, Dr. Kulkin’s Smartlipo and Cellulaze Coordinator, for special arrangements with local area hotels (404-832-0300 or lindsay@wifh.com).

Why Choose WIFH for Smartlipo in Atlanta?

  1. Dr. Kulkin uses proven laser technology, the Smartlipo Triplex.  This information may not sound important, but it is. Many facilities are using lower wattage machines that simply cannot achieve the results that we can accomplish at WIFH.
  2. Dr. Kulkin has more than 25 years of surgical laser experience and has performed approximately 6,000 Smartlipo procedures.
  3. You are provided Dr. Kulkin’s direct cell phone number should you have any questions following your procedure. Dr. Kulkin personally calls each patient the day of and day after any Smartlipo procedure.
  4. Dr. Kulkin and WIFH have a national reputation for excellence in Smartlipo Atlanta Liposuction which you can independently verify online.
  5. A state of the art laser facility with a supporting team, stressing safety every step of the way.
  6. Winner of Best Smartlipo in Atlanta by Jezebel magazine the past five years (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015).

Smartlipo: American Health & Beauty Reader's Choice Award 2011   Smartlipo: American Health & Beauty Reader's Choice Award 2010Atlanta Liposuction: Best of Atlanta Smartlipo 2014  Best of Atlanta Smartlipo 2013  Best of Atlanta Smartlipo 2012   Best of Atlanta Smartlipo 2011

See For Yourself - One of Our Patients VBlogs About Her Experience With Smartlipo at WIFH

Everyone wants to know what to expect when and if they decide to move forward with their Smartlipo procedure.  And what better way to find out than from an actual patient.  Our patient, Morgan Taylor, chronicled her Smartlipo experience on her YouTube channel.  Take a look at her videos as she speaks about her experience and results.