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Ethnic Skin

We are well aware that people with ethnic skin types have unique issues when it comes to laser procedures. At WIFH we have done thousands of procedures on ethnic skin with excellent results. The procedures below are excellent and safe to produce the skin improving results you are seeking.

Affirm Laser Skin Rejuvenation for Ethnic Skin

Laser Skin Procedures for Ethnic SkinWe understand that downtime procedures are simply not for everyone.

While the CO2 laser makes micro-cuts in the skin and is not safe for darker skin tones, the Affirm Laser safely works by delivering laser energy into the skin without cutting.

Studies presented at recent laser meetings indicate that we can achieve comparable results with the Affirm laser, however, eight sessions at one each month intervals, are necessary.

We do NOT typically use a numbing cream for this procedure though some prefer it. While the improvement in the skin texture, tone and pore size is quite significant, acne scarring and sun damage respond better with CO2.

Patients leave the office looking quite red, however, this is short lived often lasting minutes or up to 24 hours after the procedure. Make-up may be applied immediately. This procedure may be performed on all skin types making this one of the few skin rejuvenation procedures that can be safely done on darker skin types.

Last, but certainly not least, we believe daily skin care and skin protection are critical to the success of reaching and maintaining your skin improvement goals. A WIFH Total Skin Care program is included with each of our Skin Rejuvenation services; they are designed to enhance and optimize your results.

Cost:Face (8-sessions) $2,360

Sale Price
$1,400 8-session package

*8-session Affirm package includes the WIFH Total Skin Care Package

*Add Microdermabrasions for $800