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Tattoo Removal - Pricing

As with all of our services at WIFH we are committed to achieving the best results for each and every patient. Tattoo removal is no different.

Tattoo removal is a process and takes a series of treatments to fully remove your particular tattoo. Every tattoo is unique, therefore the number of treatments required to remove them varies from person to person. It has been our experience that most tattoos will require 10 or more sessions. However, some will require less and some may require more. There are varies factors that can determine how many sessions each tattoo may require to be removed.

While all tattoos are different, most will require at least 10-sessions to be removed.  Based on this experience and our commitment to getting each and every patient the best result we have put together a straightforward approach to our pricing.  All of our packages include 10-sessions.  In the event that we are able to get rid of your tattoo in less than 10-sessions, we will issue you a pro-rated refund for the unused sessions of your package, this makes committing to a package risk-free.  Should you need more than the 10-sessions included in your package, you can continue treatment on a single session basis.

All Packages include 10-sessions
Black Only Tattoos Tattoos with Color
X-Small 1" x 1" or Smaller
$950 $1,150
Small 1" x 1" -  2" x 2"
$1,150 $1,500
Medium 2" x 2" - 4" x 4"
$1,500 $2,500
Large 4" x 4" up to 8" x 8"
$2,500 $3,500
*Tattoos larger than 8" x 8" will be provided customized package pricing