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Tattoo Removal - Pricing

As with all of our services at WIFH we are committed to achieving the best results for each and every patient. Tattoo removal is no different.
Tattoo removal is a process and takes a series of treatments to fully remove your particular tattoo. Every tattoo is unique, therefore the number of treatments required to remove them will vary from person to person. It has been our experience that most tattoos will require 8-12 sessions.

At WIFH, we utilize the Kirby Desai scale to aide our assessment and recommendation of the number of sessions that will be required to remove your tattoo. During your complimentary consultation we will assess your tattoo(s) and provide you with an estimate of the number of treatments you will need.  

While all tattoos are different we have put together a straightforward approach to our pricing.
All of our consultations are complimentary and we look forward to meeting you. Should you decide to begin laser tattoo removal with us, below is our pricing for both single sessions as well as package pricing.

  • Tattoos the size of an apple or smaller are $125/session
  • Tattoos the size of a large grapefruit are $150/session
  • Large tattoos such as sleeves will need to be evaluated by Dr. Kulkin for pricing
  • Additional tattoos are $100 per session per tattoo.

You may also choose to purchase 3 single sessions and get 1 FREE.
*If you opt to purchase single sessions, payment for your laser tattoo removal session is required at the time the appointment is scheduled.  So please be prepared to make payment when you call our office to schedule.

Package Pricing and Policy:

As we have stated, it is extremely difficult to precisely know how many treatments each unique tattoo will need.  We use the Kirby Desai scale to aid us in predicting how many treatments may be required to completely remove your tattoo. Most will take between 10-15 treatments, it is uncommon for tattoos to require greater than 20 treatments.  Our package option offers an assurance that you will not spend more than your predicted Kirby Desai number.

How our tattoo removal package works: 
You purchase the number of tattoo removal sessions based on your determined Kirby Desai number.  Should your tattoo require more treatments than estimated, we will treat your tattoo until it is gone or up to 25 treatments, whichever comes first.  Example:   You have a small tattoo ($125 session) and we determine it will require 11 sessions to get rid of your tattoo.  Your package price is $1,375.  After 11 treatments if your tattoo is still visible we will continue treating it until it is gone or up to an additional 14 treatments.

We offer financing through CareCredit®.  We offer 12-months no-interest plans.  We also offer extended payment options for 24, 36, 48 and 60 months, this option affords you a low monthly payment. The minimum purchase with Care Credit is $500.