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Men's Laser Hair Removal in Atlanta

Laser Hair Removal for MenAt WIFH we understand there are unique needs when it comes to laser hair removal for men. We also understand dealing with unwanted hair can be an embarrassing subject. We pride our selves on making all of our patients feel comfortable while delivering the best results at the best value and that is no exception when it comes to men's laser hair removal.

Men naturally have thicker, denser hair than woman do, which requires substantial expertise to treat effectively and safely.

  • Most of our male patients tolerate laser hair removal treatment with minimal discomfort. A numbing agent can be prescribed if you see that you need it.
  • Our Caucasian men's laser hair removal patients should use sunscreen and limit sun exposure while undergoing laser treatments. We can obtain better results if your skin stays light.
  • Patients with darker skin can safely receive laser treatments. At WIFH we have lasers that are safe for darker skin types and years of experience treating patients of all ethnicities. In fact, 40% of our patients are people with skin of color.
  • We have treated all areas of the body you can think of, there are none too sacred. Some worth noting are the back, chest, abs, neck, face, ears, buttocks, bikini, scalps, hands, arms, legs and feet. We also offer custom packages to meet your unique male laser hair removal needs.

Laser Hair Removal for Men: Noteworthy Areas and What to Expect:

Facial and Neck Hair:

Men's Laser Hair RemovalTypically men with lighter skin types deal with razor burn on their face and neck, while men with darker skin types suffer with ingrown hairs and bumps some even causing discoloration of the skin.

Regardless of your skin color, we can tell you without a doubt that men's laser hair removal will correct these issues. Most of our male patients have tried every product on the market to eliminate painful razor burn and unsightly razor bumps only to be disappointed.

Before you spend a penny on male laser hair removal services, we make all of our male patients aware that they will need to come back to our office about 2-3 times each year after completing an 8-session package, in order to maintain their smooth results.

Chest, Abs and Back:

The chest, abs and back are some of the more common areas we are asked to treat for laser hair removal for men. Hair on chest area is quite dense and the hair is typically very dark. As a result, this area responds beautifully to laser treatments. It is important to note; you can attain approximately an 80% reduction in hair in these areas. It is medically impossible to be 100% hair free, and we caution everyone to be wary of places that tell you that all of your hair will be gone, as it’s simply not true.


While women have been waxing and lasering their bikini areas for many years, men are beginning to request this service in greater numbers. As we do for women, we request that you shave the area the way you would like for I to look, so in essence you are setting out at pattern for us. We can treat as much or as little of the area as you would like. Some men choose to use a topical numbing ointment before their laser treatments to make the experience more comfortable.


While the scalp can be treated (especially on the side of the head in balding men) it is an area that needs continued follow up treatments. This area is actually very sensitive and a prescribed topical numbing ointment is recommended for comfort.