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Men's Corner - Ethnic Skin

We treat people with dark skin all day every day.  In fact, we are known for having the unique skill and experience to accomplish this without a single burn in 10 years!  People with dark skin from as far away Texas fly here to be treated. 

When it comes to treating men with dark skin, the techniques to accomplish this safely, effectively and comfortably are those that we have created here at WIFH.  From laser hair removal on any body part to skin rejuvenation procedures, we know those special techniques that will make you so glad you came to be treated.  

Dr. Kulkin always says there are two important parts to a successful laser treatment:  The laser and the person holding the laser.  At WIFH you can be sure you are being treated with the safest laser available and the person holding that laser has extensive experience treating dark skin.  This is why male and female Atlanta TV anchors with dark skin types have chosen us to work on their faces as well as other parts of the body over the past several years and they continue to come to see us.

We encourage you to come in for a complimentary consultation and bring the questions that concern you most so Dr. Kulkin or our team can address them for you directly.