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Why Choose WIFH?

By the time you search Atlanta laser hair removal you've probably been considering laser hair removal for some time. WIFH is the only medical practice in Georgia that specializes in laser cosmetic procedures.  There are very few laws in Georgia that regulate who can use a laser.  Perhaps you've heard commercials for national laser hair removal chains or local medi-spas, calling themselves laser experts and offering laser services under the "supervision" of a Medical Director. 

And we’re certain you’ve received on-line coupons for unbelievably cheap laser hair removal treatments. Don’t be deceived! Most of these places have minimal to no physician supervision and the reviews they have earned make it clear that you have to be very selective when shopping for laser hair removal.  After all, it’s your body we’re talking about! 

When there is physician supervision, most are only in the office a few hours each week to perform administrative work; they don’t actually perform laser services or have any laser training. The practitioners that do perform their laser services receive a one to two week “intense” training course in their corporate headquarters. All of these things make it difficult for you, the consumer, to figure out where to go.

What makes WIFH Different

  • WIFH is a medical practice specializing is laser aesthetics. Since 2002, we have proven that in the right hands, lasers can lead to wonderful changes in our patients lives. We are dedicated to making laser hair removal a safe and effective process in Atlanta. Add that to our A+ rating from the BBB and the wonderful on-line reviews we have earned from our patients and the choice becomes rather easy!
  • We are committed to delivering superior customer service. We respect your time, so we make it a priority to begin all appointments on time.
  • We have performed over 250,000 procedures without one major complication.
  • Dr. Kulkin is in the office each and every day treating patients and overseeing each and every patient’s progress. If you prefer, you can request to see only Dr. Kulkin for your treatments. In addition, Dr. Kulkin is always available after hours directly on his cell phone.  At WIFH, there is always care available to you at the touch of a button!
  • Dr. Kulkin is a world recognized laser expert. He has trained hundreds of doctors and continues to train doctors around the world in his unique techniques.
  • Dr. Kulkin has personally trained his staff of Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Medical Aestheticians. Dr. Kulkin and his staff are recognized in academic circles as experts and are often called upon to train other doctors and nurses in laser physics and techniques. While anyone can call themselves an expert, we believe we have earned the right to do so.
  • Since we use lasers all day every day, we know lasers don’t just perform laser hair removal. In fact, we have lasers for Smartlipo, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal, spider vein or facial vessel treatment, cellulite, and Rosacea.