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Laser Hair Removal for Dark / Ethnic Skin Tones

Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin Types: WIFH Serves People From Around the Country

Laser hair removal for people with dark skin types was once upon a time a risky procedure. We are happy to report this is no longer true! Using YAG laser technology we have performed over 100,000 sessions of laser hair removal on people of color without a single complication.

Uniquely designed lasers protect the skin while achieving excellent hair removal results. As we reduce the hair growth, we even can reduce the pigmentation changes and bumps (caused by ingrown hairs) that commonly arise. The results are often very dramatic and life changing!

As a result, WIFH sees men and women of color from around the country that fly here to experience the WIFH difference.  We can treat all body parts safely and effectively.

Facial Hair in People with Dark Skin Types

Every day we see men and women in our office who are emotionally distraught over their unwanted facial hair.  Many of these patients suffer from severe bumps on their face and neck due to ingrown hairs and had tried numerous over-the-counter products without success.

It is important to know you are not alone and we can help.  That’s why many Atlanta athletes and TV News anchors with ethnic skin have chosen WIFH for their hair reduction and laser hair removal needs.