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Laser Hair Removal Atlanta: About the Procedure

Laser Hair Removal AtlantaWhy choose to undergo Laser Hair Removal in Atlanta at WIFH?

You pluck, you wax, you shave.  The task or removing unwanted hair seems endless. Along with all the time you spend grooming, traditional hair removal methods can also leave you with ingrown hairs and razor bumps. 

Laser hair removal offers a permanent way of getting rid of that unwanted hair from any area of the body. Laser Hair Removal is safe (for all skin types), fast and effective.  We have performed over 250,000 laser hair removal procedures in our office.

Laser Hair Removal Atlanta: How Does the Process Work?

Laser energy is heat energy and is attracted to the color found in the hair.   An example of how this works can be felt when you wear a dark shirt and stand in the sun.  Your dark shirt absorbs the heat of the sun and in turn makes you very warm, very fast. Atlanta Laser hair removal works by the same principle.

The color found in your hair absorbs the heat.  Through this absorption the laser energy enters the hair follicle destroying is ability to produce hair.  So, while it is called laser hair removal, you see we aren’t actually removing hair, we are permanently reducing your number of hair follicles and their ability to make hair. As a result, the process should really be called laser hair reduction.

Since 2002, all of our laser hair removal Atlanta packages have included 8-sessions. The treatments are done at 6 week intervals. Believe it or not, not all of your hairs are in the growth phase at the same time and the laser will only affect those follicles in the active growth phase. That is the reason that we perform laser hair removal over 8 sessions, so that each follicle is treated multiple times. A single laser pulse treats hundreds of hair follicles in a fraction of a second, which means that a visit to our office for a laser hair removal takes just a few minutes out of your busy day.   

Results We've Seen from Atlanta Laser Hair Removal

Atlanta Laser Hair RemovalThe results we achieve for laser hair removal have become an industry standard.  The most recent research done by the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery agree; that patients need in excess of 6 to 9 laser hair removal treatments to achieve the best results.

After completing 8 sessions our patients typically see anywhere from a 75% to a 90% permanent hair reduction in the area that is treated. Permanent meaning that hair will not grow back. 

The 10% to 25% of hair that could possibly remain is much different from the hair that you begin with.  Those hair follicles that are not completely destroyed are at least damaged, and by damaged we mean the follicle has shrunk in size, so the hair that it can produce is much finer, it appears lighter in color and it grows back very slowly, making maintenance very easy.

Although you will need to come in for 8 Atlanta laser hair removal sessions, you will see a reduction after each and every treatment; you can start enjoying having less hair immediately.

See our before and after picture gallery of patients who had laser hair removal at WIFH in Atlanta.

Preparing for your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

In preparing for your laser hair removal session for your face we ask that you do the following:

  • Shave your face. We know this idea can be a little scary especially if you are not accustom to this method to get rid of your facial hair. Shaving is important for a couple of reasons. 1-we need hair to be present in the follicle in order for the laser energy to enter the follicle. 2-we all know what happens when hair gets hot; it singes and this can cause skin irritation.
  • If you use MAC brand foundation, concealer or powder we ask that you discontinue use 3 days prior to treatment. You are able to use a different brand of make-up, but it has been our experience that MAC brand foundations settle into the pores and even with repeated cleansing it is still present. To ensure safety you will be asked to cleanse your face while in our office prior to treatment.